A New Year and a New VaDia Suite!

A New Year and a New VaDia Suite!

We have now released the new VaDia Suite version 1.8!

In the new version we have some new features for all VaDia Suite users, such as:

  • A new customer list with more customer information
  • A new basic reporting window to more easily create and write summaries and recommendations to reports
  • Help button with FAQ, link to user manual and link to report software issues

There is also a new Advanced Module which gives access to new features, such as:

  • Milking Registration in Analysis view
  • Advanced Reporting options
  • Advanced Milking Time Test calculations

You will need to have the “updater license” to download the new version. All VaDia Suite users have 12 months free updates from when they install VaDia Suite. After that time you will need to pay an updater fee to be able to download new versions from the BioControl server. All VaDia Suite users can always download “bug fixes” for their current version. See bottom of this article for contact information to update your license and/or to purchase the advanced module.

This news article gives you some information on some of the new features in the new VaDia Suite version.

New Customer View

  • Customers are listed, and it is possible to add some additional information to the customer and seach for a customer
  • It is now possible to add a “visit” to a customer to record the time of the visit to the farm, and reason etc. You can also save and link your report to the visit to easily find saved reports.
  • There is a new tab under each customer with information about each animal recorded on the farm. The animals listed here have either been added via a MTT test animal number registration or the new “Milking Registration” window. It is possible to click on an animal and see all Milking Registrations and MTT test linked to this animal to compare with previous testing. MTT tests and Milking Registrations can here also be deleted.
customer menu VaDia Suite

Changes in Analysis Menu

  • We have added a new marker to determine the end of main milking period for mouth piece chamber channel 2 (MPC2). So we now have markers for “start of overmilking for mouth piece chamber channel 1” and “start overmilking for mouth piece chamber channel 2”.
  • When a MTT test is run it is possible to “pick up” a cow that has been registered during milking (Milking Registration) to get the cow number and milk yield. Click on the “pluss” to see a list of recorded cows.
  • For the MTT there are some new calculations:
    1. Preparation time before milking is recorded (from Milking Registration)
    2. Let down time is recorded. Let down time = (Start peak flow – Attachment)
    3. Main Milking time is recorded. Main milking time = (Start overmilking – Start peak flow)
    4. Detachment time is recorded. Detachment time = (End milking – Start take off)
    5. Irregular Vacuum Fluctuations type 1 are recorded (21kPa/0,25s or 6.2inHg/0,25s)
    6. Average MPC Vacuum for MPC2 is recorded
    7. Favorable MPC vacuum (between 10-30kPa or 2.95-8.86inHg) is shown in % of total recordings in peak flow period for MPC1 and MPC2
    8. Negative pressure gradient calculations (when MPC>SMT vacuum) are shown for MPC1 and MPC2. If NPG is over 5kPs/s or 1.48inHg/s for either MPC or MPC2 then the milking is “marked” as NPG milking (will be shown as average values under reports
  • Milking Registration Window
    1. This is a new window to record information about the cow during milking (while the VaDia is logging information):
    2. You can register information about:
      • Animal Number
      • Milk Yield
      • Preparation time
      • Unit attachment (used to match recording against VaDia recording after)
      • Teat registration
      • Notes to milking
MTT VaDia Suite
animal registration VaDia Suite
NPG VaDia Suite

Reports Menu

  • It is now possible to choose more information for the report (Basic Reports Tab) and to preview reports and saving it to a visit with a customer. Vd5 files can also be uploaded and linked to a customer visit.
  • There are more possibilities for selecting information for MTT reports (Milk Time Test Report tab) if you have the Advanced Module:
    1. You can search for dates when MTT analysis were performed and choose which should be added to the report.
    2. You can choose what information should be shown per milking analysis – next to milking picture in report (on right side of window)
  • You can choose to show some average values for all chosen MTT analyses if you have the Advanced Module
    1. Attachment lag time average
    2. Machine on time average
    3. Overmilking average
    4. Average milk flow
    5. Teat end vacuum average (SMT vacuum during peak flow period)
    6. Proportion favorable MPC vacuum (between 10-30kPa or 2.95-8.86inHg)
    7. Proportion favorable MPC2 vacuum (between 10-30kPa or 2.95-8.86inHg)
    8. Number of IVF1
    9. Number of IVF2
    10. Proportions of milkings with NPG – in this case as a default a NPG over 5kPa/s or 1.48 inHg (this is now shown per channel, but we will change to have this just in total)
  • You can also choose what Pulsator testing and fall-off testing analyses to include in the report (Fall-Off testing and Pulsator testing tabs) with Advanced Module
  • You can choose which (if any) average values that should be shown in the report) with Advanced Module
  • You can also choose to edit recommended values for averages or to not show these in the report with Advanced Module
Average values VaDia Suite
report VaDia Suite
report 2 VaDia Suite

Right click on images to open in new tab.

How to use animal registration function

  1. Register new customer and customer information or select a registered customer
  2. Register a new visit and reason for visit
  3. When on the farm log data with VaDia either “normal” mode or via Bluetooth
  4. While vadia is recording data, register information about the milkings (each cow being recorded by the VaDia) under Analyses with the function “Milking Registration”. Here you can add notes to the milking, record teat information, register preparation times, etc.
  5. If VaDia is logging in Bluetooth mode, after the cow has finished milking and you have finished the Milking Registration. Select section of vd5 log and perform MTT test
  6. When MTT test window open, next to animal click “+” and find cow you just registered Milking Registration for (should be on the top due to you registered attachment time which should match start of VaDia logging)
  7. If VaDia is logging in Normal mode, continue to perform Milking Registrations. After, when you get to your PC, analyze VaDia file and link different sections to your Milking Recordings.
  8. After you have performed all analyses, go to reporting and create report.
  9. You can also link your report and vd5 file to the customer visit.

Get new VaDia Suite version and/or Advanced Module

To download the new VaDia Suite version 1.8 you will need to have either registered your VaDia Suite license in the last 12 months or have paid your updater license fee. When you pay your yearly license fee your VaDia Suite will automactically connect to the BioControl server to look for new updates and allow you to download downloads with new features.

To have access to all new functionality in the new VaDia Suite version you will need the “Advanced Module”. To order your advanced module please contact your local VaDia dealer or:

For customers in North and South America – contact info@biocontrolna.com

For all other customers – contact info@biocontrol.no

For more detailed information about VaDia Suite and the new version, see the VaDia Suite user manual by clicking here.