We have many types of products we offer for the agricultural industry. Click on the pictures below to learn more about the products, or contact us if you cannot find the product your are interested in on our webpages.

RFID Readers

Handheld Readers


Handheld Reader HHR 3000
‘entry model’ HHR LT and HHR Pro for the professional user

The iMan

iMan by BioControl with logo

iMan is a rugged PDA with a range of RFID-readers for the demanding user

Stationary Reader

SR3000 2 by BioControl

Stationary Reader SR3000 for exceptionally good RFID reading performance

Wide Lane Reader

WLR 70 Wide Lane Reader by BioControl

Wide Lane Reader WLR-70 is a high throughput reader for sheep-RFID

Saltstone Readers

Saltsteinsavleser fra BioControl

The Saltstone Reader is a RFID reader specifically made for grazing land

Farm Automation

Weighing and Sorting Systems

WSS with HHR

Sheep Feeder SF60

Sheep Feeder SF60 by BioControl

Controlling and Recording Feed Intake

CRFI Controlling and Recording Feed Intake by BioControl

WSS is a robust System for automated Weighing and Sorting of sheep and goats

SF60 is a feeding station for sheep and goats for efficient and accurate feeding

CRFI is a complete system for Controlling and Recording Feed Intake of cows in research centers


The VaDia

VaDia by BioControl

VaDia for logging and analyzing milking vacuum and pulsation, designed for advisors, technicians and research

Noise Detector

noise detector

The BioControl Noise Detector indicates the level of noise on frequencies close to 124-134kHz or 98kHz which are the same frequencies used by HDX/FDX/B transponders reading.

The Noise Detector can therefore help detecting noise sources that could disturb the reading of HDX/FDX/B transponders on the farm

Real Time Location System

UWB Real Time Location System


Biocontrol Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) enables the user to track items and receive data from the tracked items in real time with accuracy up to 15 cm inside or outside of a building.