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The iMan is the ’top of the bill’ handheld reader. The Windows CE platform enables large, advanced applications and the hardware can be extended with many standardized features, such as WIFI. The iMan is very robust and its iP67 rating makes it fit for real life.

iMan by BioControl products

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Best performance ISO 11785 RFID readers

BioControl’s ISO 11785 RFID readers have exceptional good reading performance. The RF-field of the readers synchronizes with stationary readers according to ISO 24631-2, which implies that the reader does not disturb the reading performance of detectable stationary readers.

The RFID reader is detachable and exchangeable, which implies that the user can select the antenna configuration that is best suited for the application. This also enables the use of different technologies (134.2 kHz, 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz, etc.) using the same iMan. We also offer a minireader with barcode reader and RFID antenna in one unit.

The RFID reader is actually a ‘stand alone’ reader with RS485 connection. This implies that multiple addressable readers can be connected to the same RS485 bus. The BioControl Reader Concept thus enables system integrators to easily make their own reader application with this range of rugged stationary readers.

The Docking Cable connects iMan with power supply, RS232, RS485, Ethernet and USB interface, which makes iMan very suited for Process Management. In case of Ethernet communication, when disconnected from the Docking Cable, iMan stays connected to the process Controller via WLAN. The user can walk around with iMan, being on-line continuously.

Fast and easy navigation

iMan can be used for one-hand operation (portrait) and two-hand operation (landscape) for faster data-entry. The intuitive lay-out and special function keys enable fast cursor navigation without the use of a stylus. The bright RGB-LED makes a variety of color indications possible. The on-board true-audio speaker gives an unlimited range of alerts, signals and ‘ringtones’. The TFT LCD-screen with LED backlight makes the display good readable in sunlight. The keyboard is equipped with backlight for night operation.

iMan is the ideal tool for system integrators and solution providers that want to offer Windows-CE RFID solutions with best RFID performance. With the BioControl Reader Concept, iMan offers a range of detachable RFID readers and options so that users can easily make the configuration that best suits their application. iMan can be used as User Interface for a Process Controller, but is also capable to be the Real Time Process Controller itself. The rugged design makes iMan the ideal tool for RFID management applications in harsh environments such as livestock production and industry.

iMan features, functions and accessories

***Barcode reader: Code128, EAN-13, EAN-8, Code39, UPC-A, UPC-E, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, ISBN/ISSN, Code 93, etc.

  • Exchangeable RFID reader and optional handgrip
  • Barcode Reader available***
  • Complete PDA with stable Windows CE 6 as Operating System
  • Comfortable to hold with two-hand operation for fast navigation
  • Equipped with IP67 rugged connectors
  • Docking Block for connection to Ethernet, USB, RS232 and RS485


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