VaDia on IQ teat cup

Release VaDia Suite

We are proud to announce the release of VaDia Suite, the complete software package for Pulsator Testing and Milking Time Testing with VaDia, BioControl’s vacuum logger for advisers, veterinarians, technicians and other professionals in the dairy industry who want to understand and manage udder health and milk quality.
VaDia Suite offers the following:
* Bluetooth connection for on-line diagnostics during milking. This is very handy in case of robots or large milking parlors.
* Automatically compare recorded pulsator values with target values. Deviations from these targets are highlighted.
* Enhanced zoom and navigation functions. This helps to keep the overview when testing large installations.
* All tests are saved in the comprehensive database. Results from previous tests are available during a next visit.
* Add your own logo to the reports.
* Automatically update to the latest version when connected to the internet. No need to download and install updates.
* Easy to translate and available in many languages, including Asian languages.
To view the VaDia Suite demonstration video click here.
A VaDia Suite brochure is attached. For more details about VaDia and VaDia Suite click here