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Biocontrol Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) enables the user to track items and receive data from the tracked items in real time with accuracy up to 15 cm inside or outside of a building. Wireless RTLS Tags are attached to objects and fixed anchors receive radio signals from Tags to determine their location. The system is based on UWB (Ultra-Wideband) technology compliant with IEEE 802.15.4‐2011. Both, Tags and fixed receivers (Anchors), are closed in IP67 rated enclosures. The system includes a set of software for tag tracking, data processing, planning, configuration tools for system installation and tags management.

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System Components

Server •System configuration, monitoring, management software •Tag position calculation •RTLS Suite •Database Server •REST API
Clock / Repeater •RTLS Synchronization •Built-in Ethernet switch and PoE •7 ports (support 5 Anchors in each port) •Repeater extends Clock range and ports up to 35
Anchor •Receives Tag messages and sends it to Server •Cable length up to 100m •On cable connection (Sync, Data, PoE) •Up to 5 anchors in Chain •Automatic positioning
Tag •Up to 1000 tags in system •Changable Blinking frequency (30ms - 1min) •IP67 Enclosure •Position, temperature, voltage, accelerometter
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  • Real time objects tracking

    • 15 cm accuracy

    • Tag reading range up to 50m

    • Detailed real-time tag position information

    • Real-time path observation

  • Historical traffic analysis

    • Tag position history

    • Path monitoring

    • Analysis of the behavior of the object

    • Optimization of objects patch in production environment

  • Area events monitoring / analysis

    • Definition of own zones

    • List of zones events (entrance / exit from the zone)

    • Residence time of the object in the zones

    • Charts with time spent in the defined zones

    • Comparison of time spent in defined zones

  • Heat maps analysis

    • Objects activity monitoring

    • Visual comparison of data from objects position history

    • Activities zones detection

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Main advantages of RTLS technology

Cost reduction

RTLS system can offer reduction of enterprises’ activities costs, by monitoring and optimizing processes in selected aspects of the company's operations, related to the analysis of the position of objects, triggering operations related to the movement of objects and following the appearance of objects in designated zones.

External systems integration

Biocontrol's RTLS allows integration with internal enterprise management systems by providing a set of access interfaces, such as REST API, database, TCP server.

Highly customizable

Biocontrol is able to adjust the range of transmitted information from tags to the needs of the company (e.g. real–time information about battery voltage in electric forklift, product's temperature, alarm notification by an employee, etc.)

Can be applied in

• Object tracking and monitoring
• Production management in industry
• Logistics
• Process automation based on object position analysis
• Process of monitoring events on the production line
• Internal transport in the company
• Location of personnel, pallets, tools etc.
• Helps finding bottle necks in production processes
• Real-time information about the status of assembly
• Automation of production management based on object position (integration with ERP systems)
• Improvement of people safety in hazardous areas


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