Service and Warranty

We repair our products in our three different locations depending on the location of the customer. Norwegian customers should contact our Norwegian service team. Customers in North America should contact the North American service desk, and customers in other  countries should contact our Polish service team. Find more information about sending your product in for service or repair further down on this page.

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Core Services


We guarantee repair of all our products produced within the last 5 years, and repair all older products as far as possible. For some standard repairs we have a fixed fee, otherwise we charge the customer for the repair by the hour and for the costs of parts needed for the repair.

Contact us if you want an estimate of the cost of your repair

Service and Warranty Locations

Scandinavian customers should contact BioControl AS in Norway. North American customers should contact BioControl North America. Customers from other countries should contact BioControl Poland. See contact info further down on this page.

Information for contacting our locations


All BioControl manufactured electronic products have a warranty of 18 months from manufacturing date, in respect of hidden defects and/or manufacturing or material faults. Mechanical or electro-mechanical parts carry a warranty of 12 months after their manufacturing date.

View the conditions for Warranty here

Our Service and Warranty Regulations

Please read our service and warranty regulations before you send your product to us for repair. Contact us if you have any questions! You can find our contact information on the “contact us” page, or send an email to info (at)

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Where should you send your product?

Scandinavian Customers

Scandinavian customers should contact:
BioControl Norway As
Gautestadveien 75
N-1894 Rakkestad
Tel.: +47 6922 5255
Fax: +47 6922 3810
VAT: 959 837 090 MVA

North American Customers

North American customers should contact:

BioControl North America
Dakota Thompson
Building D02 Office 420J
800 Wisconsin Street
EAU CLAIRE,  WI 54703-3582
Office# 715-598-7145
Mobile# 715-577-6234

Customers from all other countries

All other countries (not Scandinavian or North American) should contact our Polish office:

BioControl Polska sp. z o.o.
ul. Ciolkowskiego 157
PL-15-516 Bialystok
Tel.: +48 85 874 61 21
Fax.: +48 85 874 61 31
VAT: PL9661611998

BioControl Support

Do you have any questions?

Send an email to our Service and Warranty Team: rog (at)