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VaDia Suite v1.5.0 released

VaDia Suite v1.5.0 is now released. An overview of changes and improvements is listed below.
Not all language files are up-to-date. In English language all new buttons and features are displayed with text. The other languages will display the text  of new buttons and features when the corresponding language-file is updated. This will happen in the coming period.
VaDia Suite v1.5.0 has the following improvements compared to previous version:
* VaDia Suite can now run without administrator priviliges.
* Reports are also made as XML- and csv-file.
* VaDiaSuiteUpdater is more robust so that it works in areas with difficult/slow internet connection.
* In Pulsator Test: deviation from the tolerance is also indicated in the active test.
* Added button ‘Report Summary’. This button opens a window ‘Remarks’ for text to be added to the first page of the report.
* The header of ‘Report Summary’ lists all filled Customer-fields.
* In ‘Settings’: default channel setting is included in menu ‘Graph Settings’.
* Attachment-time and Average Cyclic Vacuum Fluctuations are included in cow individual reports.
* Farm-name is included in the graph (center)
* Bug-fix: machine on time and over milking time are the same in cow individual reports
* Bug-fix: a record can be deleted from History. Click ‘Open’ after DEL (or right-mouse click), it is then deleted.
Details of this VaDia Suite update can be found in the Readme-file: click here

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