Vadia Suite version 1.14 is available for download!

Vadia Suite version 1.14 is available for download!

We are proud to announce that a new version of Vadia Suite is available for download! Launch Vadia Suite and click on “Download New Version” to get the latest software. Vadia Suite version covers a list of new features along with a few bug fixes.

Here are a few things that were included in the update:
– Added loading multiple vd5 files to analysis view (see User Manual page 30 for more details)
– Added “Export range” button in Toolbox (see User Manual page 26 for more details)
– Added new type of test – Milking Parlour Efficiency* (see User Manual page 44 for more details)
– Added new parameters to Fall off Test
– Fixed exporting parameters in Milk Time Test csv report
– Fixed splitting Pulsator Test results to two pages
– Updated chart generation software for smoother and faster loading
Full changelog of the latest changes and bug fixes is available in “Read Me” section in Vadia Suite.

What is more, we revamped our User Manual. Since the old user interface Vadia Suite is no longer developed, we decided to focus solely on new user interface. The User Manual is divided into three sections – Software, Hardware and Troubleshooting. Please find the new User Manual here:

User Manual Download Link

We hope that you will find these changes useful. As always, please let us know if you have any remarks or comments regarding VaDia and Vadia Suite.

Feel free to contact us at

Please keep in mind that valid “Updater” license is required to gain access to this version of the software.

*Available with Milk Resistance Test and Slug Test module

Pawel Slaski