VaDia Suite Version

We have now released VaDia Suite version bug fix.

The new versions fixes two bugs:

  • Change of channels when unchecking a channel in the analysis screen
  • Pulsator test values from incorrect data

We have also added a message about Windows 10 incompatibility. VaDia Suite is not yet fully compatible with Windows 10 for bluetooth streaming. If you install VaDia Suite on a Windows 10 PC, or upgrade your PC to Windows 10, you might therefore not be able to use bluetooth streaming with VaDia. This is due incompatibility of bluetooth drivers.

If you have already upgraded to Windows 10 and have problems with VaDia bluetooth streaming, the following can help you to have VaDia bluetooth streaming:

  • Downgrade to Windows 8
  • Buy bluetooth USB adaptor with drivers for Windows 10

There should be an update available for your bluetooth drivers from Microsoft, so you can wait for this update and then bluetooth streaming with VaDia will work again. This is an issue with Windows 10 incompatibility with certain bluetooth devices, and not only with VaDia bluetooth.

Other functions in VaDia Suite works with Windows 10, and it is only bluetooth streaming that is not working with Windows 10.